About Us

Founded by a husband and wife team, Ascended Living Productions (ALP) is a wedding, event, and video production company. We are located in Amelia, Va. and serve in the surrounding areas. 

With each client, ALP puts together a talented team to match your dream with the skill and talent needed to make it happen. Combined experiences and resources are the knowledge base that makes ALP stand out among the crowd. Offering all of the services you need in one place.

We know what a successful and a not so successful event looks like. We’ve been there, done that. There’s a lot to know and to do. You don’t have time to worry about all of that. We plan, organize and execute every detail to make your event or video production a successful and stress-free experience.

What Sets Us Appart

One thing that sets us apart is our mission. Because we care about you and what matters to you, we do what we can to make your wedding, special event, or video uniquely yours!
With some good planning and proper resources, any occasion can feel like a movie.

Where We Are Located

We are located in Amelia, Va. and serve in the surrounding areas. This includes beautiful and historic locations in and near Richmond, Va!

Maggie Easter

Event Director and Producer

With a background in coordinating and design, Maggie’s the gal behind the scenes who makes everything come together.

Favorite Hobby: Working in my yard.  |  Favorite Color: Black—it just goes with everything.  |  Favorite Movie:  Lord of the Rings, all of them.

Morgan Easter

Tech Director, Video Producer, and DJ

Morgan specialized in video production and all things music. However, his skill set extends far beyond, making him an asset to any event production.

Favorite Hobby: Playing music and making movies  |  Favorite Color: Blue  |  Favorite Movie: The Hobbit

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